Dr. Elena Zinkov and associates are sought after for their expertise in balancing women and men’s hormones using her signature Feel Optimal + Hormone Program. She is a licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Doctor based in Bellevue, Washington with clients around the world.

Proactive Health Programs are one-on-one, educational-based programs that show you how you can achieve your health goals using the functional medicine paradigm. This private, highly individualized approach falls outside of medical insurance coverage. Dr. Elena's program is designed to include nutrition, functional lab interpretation, lifestyle counseling, guidance and ongoing support to ensure her clients achieve optimal health.

Whereas conventional medical system allows for condensed time with patients and limited treatment plans, the Proactive Health approach values quality time with clients, individualized treatment plans, in depth testing and results oriented consults where everyone is clear on health goals and outcomes.



Our approach revolves around Dr. Elena’s signature Feel Optimal + Hormones program: treatment of the root cause of your ailment or disease by examining and analyzing your entire system, and not just focusing on masking your symptoms.


Combined with a proven approach covering health as well as lifestyle and hormones, we are able to quickly grasp the major issues and focus on the most promising optimization areas.



Overall, the average time to complete the program is 4 - 6 months. During this time patients are able to quickly access Dr. Elena and her associates in between consults.

Proactive Health Typical Timeline
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Do you accept insurance?

No, Proactive Health is an out of network clinic, and insurance is not accepted. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, HSA and FSA cards. Please ensure that your FSA card works with out-of-network providers before committing to a program.

What are payment terms?

We offer to split the program amount into two payments: 50% due before new patient appointment and 50% due before 1st follow up appointment.  

Do you work with patients remotely?

Yes. Doctors works with men and women around the world.

Do I need to be in the U.S. to purchase a package?

There’s no requirement to be in the U.S. We ship kits internationally and all consultations are held over the phone.

Can I use my Health Savings Account to purchase a package?

Yes, our clients successfully use HSA payment card to purchase programs or pay for services. We can also provide an itemized receipt, which is sometimes required for the transaction to be approved by your HSA (note: we cannot guarantee approval).

Are labs & hormone tests price included in the programs?

No, since most insurance plans reimburse patients directly.

How long does it take to naturally balance my hormones?

This really varies depending on the person and whether there has been prolonged stress, poor diet, and long-term use of synthetic hormones either in birth control or hormone replacement (HRT). The extent to which specific hormones identified through testing are, and have been, out of balance, is the key determinant - it generally takes at least 4 weeks to 3 months to experience relief of symptoms and improved hormone levels.  Depending on root cause of symptoms and which program is chosen, some clients see improvement as in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Can you prescribe medication?

For local clients, yes; doctors can prescribe medication as needed based on current findings.  For remote clients, we can make suggestions based on your symptoms and lab results, and you can discuss with your healthcare provider if this is something they would be willing to prescribe.  We educate you about different options available to improve your health and teach you how to be your own health advocate.



What Our Patients Say

“She made sure to first get to my know my lifestyle, habits, and health goals and provided me with answers that were personalized to me and me alone.”

—Hyun P

“I went into Dr. Elena's office with a million questions, ranging from nutrition to supplements to concerns about aching pain in my knees getting worse as I go on long hikes. Since meeting with her, I'm more confident in my diet, knowing I’m taking the right supplements, and even stopped relying on coffee. She's been helping me develop healthy life habits and I've been loving the results!”

—Paul H

“Dr. Elena makes nutrition simple and understandable and gives practical easy to follow instructions.”

—Patience S.