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Meet Dr. Elena Zinkov

Are you tired of doctor visits with no results? Don’t settle for “this is what your body is supposed to feel like,” “fatigue is normal” and “having a low sex drive is typical for your age.” It’s time to love your life again and take care of yourself inside and out. That’s why I adopted a total body approach to lifelong wellness and a naturally youthful appearance. When you feel good on the inside, you glow on the outside.

As the founder of Proactive Health: A Naturopathic Clinic, I believe in providing the highest quality in healthcare, which means we operate outside of the typical insurance model, and do not accept insurance. My clinic, videos, recipes and healthy lifestyle tips provide real facts, proven methods and motivating inspiration to get you living your best life. So, you think you’ve already peaked? Not even close.


"Working with Dr. Elena totally changed my entire outlook on food—no longer do I get stressed when I eat, I know what I need to fuel my body and I'm not defined by a number on the scale."

—Maria B

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