Dr. Elena’s 4 Step Hormone Optimization Program

Why Hormones?

“Can you help me balance my hormones?” or “Are the hormones responsible for my low libido, inability to lose weight or even get pregnant?” are the most popular questions Dr. Elena gets asked daily. Why hormones? Because, they are the chemical messengers that are responsible for the basic and complex metabolic processes in the body. Hormones are involved in regulating our metabolism, digestion, sex drive and our ability to conceive. Because hormones play such an important role in the way feel, look and how we interact in our relationships, having healthy hormones is an absolute must.

Most women at one point in their life either have or will experience a hormone imbalance. Symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, inability to lose or gain weight, infertility, mood swings and PMS can all be a sign of a hormone imbalance. Conventional medicine treats symptoms of a hormone imbalance with birth control or medication further masking the root cause of a hormone imbalance.

Do I have a hormone imbalance?

What is the solution?

Thankfully Dr. Elena is a Naturopathic endocrinologist who specializes in women’s health and has successfully treated women for infertility, endometriosis, low libido, fibroids, weight issues, PCOS, depression, chronic fatigue and other hormone related conditions with her unique 4-step approach. Dr. Elena combines alternative treatments aimed to restore the reproductive system and helps women feel good again without the negative side effects.

This is what your health journey has been missing. Dr. Elena provides clarity and a roadmap to help you get back on track. Whether you are looking to get your libido back, reclaim your energy, sleep better or finally get pregnant, you came to right place.

Dr. Elena’s

4-Step Hormone Optimization Program

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Ready to feel good again?

In the 4-Step Hormone Optimization Program you receive one-on-one guidance from Dr. Elena Zinkov.

Dr. Elena has dedicated years of clinical expertise to turn something complicated into a simple step by step process that most women can benefit from.

Is this the right path for you?

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, chances are, we are not your first stop and you are ready to take your health into your own hands and start seeing the difference. Dr. Elena has worked with thousands of women and in all stages of life:

  1. Are you not satisfied with how you feel?

  2. Do you feel that your doctor, coach or other healthcare provider is not giving you what you need?

  3. Are you desperately trying to conceive and are frustrated?

  4. Are you not getting the most out of your day because you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed or are simply not in the mood?

  5. Is sex more of a conscious decision rather than something you’re excited about?

    …I know what it’s like to say yes to all of the above, and I am ready to help you!

You can join Dr. Elena’s 4-Step Hormone Optimization Program Today!

When you sign up:

  • We schedule your 15 minute on-boarding call where we can answer any of your questions and help get a clear picture for what’s to come

  • We schedule your 1st coaching session with Dr. Elena to evaluate your current “normal” and get you set up with the basic and specialty testing.

  • Then its just a matter of collecting data and putting together your custom treatment plan! Dr. Elena is a detective when it comes to hormone imbalances and leaves no stone unturned.

The 4-Step Hormone Optimization Program includes 1) Two coaching sessions with Dr. Elena, 2) custom nutrition, exercise and supplement guidelines AND 3) Two rounds of basic and specialty lab testing at the beginning and end. The total time of the program takes 4-6 months from start to finish—this is not a quick fix solution!