What's Inside?

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About the Book

Trouble saying no to sweets? Reach for salty snacks when you get bad news? Understand your sugar, salt and fat cravings with Dr. Elena's "Crave Reset" and learn how to fulfill them in healthier and satisfying ways. 

More than a book on cravings—it’s the perfect guide to reaching your peak health. This master plan will help you rewire your mind, heal your body and unleash your true potential.


What the Experts are Saying

"For many of us, the challenge is not how to choose the best foods, it is about how to follow through with our best choices. By in large, diets are sabotaged by cravings, not food errors. In Crave Reset, Dr. Zinkov will guide you through a plan to help the best-documented triggers of cravings so that you can live life to your best intentions and regain ideal health."

Alan Christianson, NMD NY Times bestselling author of The Adrenal Reset Diet

"At the root of food cravings is a primal impulse that drives us toward pleasure. In Crave Reset, Dr. Zinkov combines the science of cravings with hands-on solutions to help people achieve peak health regardless of their genetic predisposition."

Robb Wolf, New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat, The Paleo Solution Podcast

"Dr. Elena Zinkov has put together a whole-self, complete guide to understanding cravings, allowing the reader to mine their deep messages for body and mind. When we heal our relationship with food, we open up to our inner spectrum of potential in new ways that allow us to feel empowered and energized.”

—Deanna Minich, PhD, health expert and author, Whole Detox


"When your cell phone is acting up, the first thing you do is reboot - that often fixes the problem. Take a life-long competitive athlete, living in the 'laser lane' of high performance for years (like all athletes), put her through a holistic medical education where she realizes how her unchecked food selections as an athlete triggered less-than-optimal performance, long-term wear and tear side effects, a beat-up blood sugar regulating system, and you've got a Dr. with a very important message that can save all of us a lot of grief. No need to reinvent the wheel as you are working towards healthier food selections, a healthier diet, and a healthier life, Dr. Zinkov's Crave Reset will reboot your system. A very component of your individual path to wellness."

—Dr. Tom O'Bryan, author of National Best Seller 'The Autoimmune Fix'