You may be eating a well balanced diet, exercising, and taking all the “right” supplements. But…

What is your body telling you?

Did you know that symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, weight loss and weight gain, skin conditions, depression, low libido, hair loss, digestive problems, and reduced muscle mass just to name a few could be due to nutritional deficiencies?

Nutritional requirements vary between individuals depending on many factors everything from genetics to environmental factors to daily burden of stress.  On top of that YOU ARE WHAT YOU ABSORB—not necessarily what you eat.  I will never forget this phrase the first time I heard it from my brilliant Anatomy/Physiology professor back in my pre-med days.  So you could be eating the “right” foods and taking the “right” supplements, but if you are not absorbing the vitamins, minerals, and other micro and macro nutrients, you are not getting them! 

Other factors that effect nutrient absorption include chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and even fatigue.  Most of these conditions take a toll on the body and some pharmaceutical drugs associated with the treatment of these conditions cause nutrient depletions.  Most of us know someone or have been on a pharmaceutical at some point!

Getting older also doesn't help with the nutrient absorption.  When I talk to my patients about nutrition, I am not just talking to them about what to eat or what not to eat and what quality or quantity of foods to consume.  I also make sure I talk to them about OPTIMIZING their absorption and digestion.  I can create the best meal plan for you and it will match your daily required nutrient intake, but if you are still experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, then its time to reevaluate.   Please, step into my office.

Your lifestyle can also contribute to decreased nutrient absorption.  Surprised? Think of excess physical activity and the big culprits like smoking (medical marijuana is part of this list!), alcohol, and the typical desk job that leads to a sedentary lifestyle.

There are many reasons why we may feel they way we do, but inadequate nutrition is easily identifiable, preventable, and treatable. I use one of the best nutritional assessment tools provided by SpectraCell Labs to help my clients not just identify deficiencies, but to catch deficiencies before they happen and confirm that certain nutrients are within the range.  

How can micronutrient testing benefit you and what does it include:

  • Save money on countless supplements! Is that supplement working? Who knows! This is one great reason to test.
  • Identify soon to be deficiencies before they happen—the test provides a range that includes a safe zone, borderline deficiencies, or existing deficiencies of any micronutrient.  Super easy!
  • The test measures vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, fatty acids, AND carbohydrate metabolism, metabolites of choline, inositol, and carnitine, total antioxidant function and even how well your immune system is functioning. How’s that for a test?!
  • Get a treatment plan based on your results and know the symptoms to watch out for. The plan includes nutritional and supplement guidelines, as well as recommendations on improving your digestion (of course!).  

We are as healthy as our gut—more and more is the medical community recognizing this. Doing a nutritional assessment such as the micronutrient test is one of the best things anyone can do to as a way to prevent deficiencies and also to treat any underlying deficiencies that may be responsible for many symptoms people all too frequently experience.

Schedule your appointment to check how well your current nutrition and supplement routine is working for you (or not!) or if you belong to the risk group I described above for nutritional deficiencies.  

Your deserve to feel your best!