Stepping into Proactive Health is like taking a day at the spa. With an atmosphere designed to relax and rejuvenate, we offer the most effective, innovative and evidence-based treatments in modern healthcare. At Proactive Health, we believe the patient is the new doctor and the doctor is the guide to a state of optimal well-being. Our mind-body approach is everything your doctor visits have been missing.

As your doctor, I do more than look at lab tests and numbers, I become a coach and ambassador for my patients. That’s why this type of care lives outside the typical insurance model. With my whole body approach, we take the time needed to discover what keeps you up at night and how to reverse it.”

—Dr. Elena Zinkov


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Many of us are well aware that maintaining an ideal weight is difficult despite our best efforts with diet and exercise. At Proactive Health, we consider other factors that affect weight and metabolism, like potential hormone imbalance, lifestyle, and genetics that are preventing you from reaching your goal of healthy weight loss. Weight loss requires a total body approach not only to lose weight, but most importantly, to keep it off. Hormones, genetics, nutrition, and exercise all play a key role in regulating your metabolism—we create a custom plan that addresses all of these factors so that you get the best results.


Poor digestion causes many issues related to physical, mental and emotional health. Beneficial bacteria in your digestive system can affect your body’s immune system, quality of digestion, vitamin and mineral absorbency, hormone regulation, vitamin production and ability to eliminate toxins. Individuals suffering from bowel-disorders such as Celiac disease, IBS, bacterial overgrowth and leaky gut are more likely to suffer from other autoimmune conditions and experience depression and anxiety. Our highly specific lab tests evaluate for food sensitivities, digestive function, nutrient deficiencies, bacterial overgrowth and any other issues related to digestion. We’ll discuss nutrition, supplements, specialty labs to optimize your tailored treatment plan for gut health.


A hormone imbalance can happen at any age, and can not only sabotage weight loss, but also affect mood, sleep, skin, energy, cognitive function, and sex life.  Declining hormone levels are a normal biological process, but there are many treatment options available to naturally support hormone production. Dietary guidelines, lifestyle recommendations, herbal support, supplements, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapies are individually considered based on symptoms and deficiency. At Proactive Health, we use specialty lab testing to evaluate for hormone deficiency or excess and create a customized treatment plan to help you feel balanced and rejuvenated.


As anti-aging procedures, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and Microneedling are cutting-edge treatments that utilize the body’s own healing process to help promote collagen regeneration. PRP contains growth factors from platelets that are used to naturally boost collagen production in order to improve skin appearance, firmness and decrease appearance of fine lines. Microneedling creates micro channels in the skin used to deliver both platelets and stem cell or hyaluronic acid serums to further rejuvenate skin. PRP and Microneedling can be used in areas of the face, neck, décolleté, stretch marks and scars on the abdomen (like the ones caused by C-sections). Typical treatments involve three visits scheduled four weeks apart, and results can be seen within one day. Additionally, PRP can stimulate follicle regeneration and is used successfully to treat hair loss both in men and women.


How you feel is not just about what you eat, but also about what you absorb. Nutritional deficiencies happen even with a well-balanced diet. At Proactive Health, Dr. Elena uses micronutrient testing to help uncover hidden nutrient deficiencies that can result in chronic fatigue, anxiety, poor sleep, mood disorders and even autoimmune. Nutrients are delivered either using IV therapy or intramuscularly. This is a superior technique for increasing nutrition compared to supplements, which have a questionable absorbency. Common nutrients used in injection therapy include electrolytes, Vitamin D, B Vitamin Complex, Methylated B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Amino Acids, L-Carnitine, Magnesium and Glutathione. 


It’s not stress. It’s your reaction. Stress is an essential component of life, and your ability to manage stress is based on your body’s resilience. A compounded effect of stress can raise havoc inside and outside of your body. Symptoms that you’ve reached your threshold include weight gain, hair loss, cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, improper hormone regulation, sleep disorders and more. We can help you manage stress better so that you can continue to excel in your personal and professional life. We’ll provide you with nutrition guidelines to help keep your blood sugar stable, specialty lab testing to identify current stress hormone levels, and supplements or nutrient injectables such as B complex and B12 to give your mind & body the support they need.


Get back to doing what you love the most—pain free. At Proactive Health we specialize in not just pain management, but pain elimination. Dr. Elena is one of the few providers trained in Perineural Injection Therapy that successfully treats 80 percent of chronic pain. Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain as a result of injury, MVA, sports, or work induced, we can help you get to the root of the problem. Most people come to us after they’ve tried numerous pain management treatments and many come in seeking surgery alternative treatments. We use an innovative approach that combines the best of traditional and conventional medicine to achieve optimal results.  

Symptoms We Treat


Attention Deficit Disorder
Sports Injuries
Joint pain
Hair loss
Decreased libido

Low Testosterone
Weight Management
Irritable Bowel (IBS)
Digestive Health
Blood Sugar Dysregulation
Hormone Imbalances

Stress & Anxiety
Migraine Headaches
Frequent Colds & Flu
Weakened Immune System



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