Genetic Weight Loss | Take the Guessing out of Weight Loss

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Genetic Weight Loss | Take the Guessing out of Weight Loss


The Ultimate Starter Guide to ANY Program:

  • Genetic test to identify your personal nutrition and fitness needs

  • Detailed macronutrient and exercise recommendations based on the results of the genetic test

  • 2 visits with a Naturopathic Doctor to help implement nutrition and fitness guidelines

  • Offered Exclusively through Licensed Healthcare Professionals

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It's time to MAXIMIZE your results and ACCELERATE your performance:

WHY Genetic Testing:

  • Save time, money, and endless search for the perfect workout

  • No more guessing what will work for you

  • Up to 76% MORE weight loss compared

  • 22+ genetic variations related to fitness, health and nutrition

  • Discover your body’s abilities with regards to fitness, speed, endurance and recovery

WHAT You Get:

  • DNA sample collection kit

  • DNA laboratory analysis

  • Personalized results report

  • Training action blueprint

  • Nutritional action blueprint

HOW it works:

  • Purchase the test

  • Schedule your appointment

  • Send the DNA sample collection kit

  • Get your personalized results!
















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