“The human body and mind are very resilient and highly adaptable.  We just need to provide ourselves with the right tools to better adapt and create resiliency.”
-Dr. Elena Zinkov


 It’s not easy living a busy lifestyle, especially when you are also trying to take care of yourself and others.  That’s why at Proactive Health we emphasize the need to take care of our bodies by providing the right tools for success.  We understand our client’s needs and support their growth on a professional and personal level.  But, growth requires fuel and this is where we shine with our ability to provide the best services.  Everything from helping you sleep to moving and thinking better and more clearly.  Stress can be a good thing, when you have a healthy response to it.


It’s not stress, but our reaction to stress that raises havoc in our internal and external landscapes.  Stress can be responsible for cardiovascular disease, weight gain, metabolic disorders, improper hormone regulation, sleep disorders to name just a few.  Can you see why stress management is important? The good news is that through behavioural change, proper nutrition, and the right interventions, we can manage stress better.  At Proactive Health we take into consideration your personal and professional goals, provide laboratory diagnostic work to get a better idea of how your body is managing, and create a personalized plan that includes nutrition, supplements, and IV therapy together with other injectables such as B complex and B12 to get you going!  

Here is how we can help:

  • Provide tools for personal and professional stress management

  • Help support body’s natural stress coping and response mechanisms

  • Support proper endocrine function

  • Bridge the gap between stress and health