Get back to doing what you love the most: pain free. We combine the best of science to deliver the most effective product. 

Amazingly effective therapy! I've had lower back/neck neuromuscular problems for years and I've tried a lot of different treatments ( including dry acupuncture from several different practitioners), mostly with little success, so I'm quite a skeptic about new methods. I visited Elena during a trip with lots of travel time, which often aggravates my problems, and was really amazed at how much better my low back and neck felt the day after treatment. I had two more long flights plus hours of car time and still felt great afterwards. Normally I would hurt for days.
-Lewis R.

Now there is a more effective way to treat pain.  Let us help you find the solution.

At Proactive Health we specialize in not just pain management, but pain elimination.  Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain as a result of injury, MVA, or work induced, we can help get to the root of the problem.  Most people come to us after they’ve tried numerous pain management treatments everything from cortisone shots and pain medication to laser therapy, and many come in seeking surgery alternative treatments. We use an innovative approach that combines the best of traditional and conventional medicine to achieve optimal results.  

About our pain management treatments:

Did you know that 80% of pain is associated with the nervous system?  That means that 80% of pain management treatments are ineffective, as they target the musculoskeletal component. If you have tried physical therapy, chiropractic care, cortisone shots, massage, and/or have had surgery and the pain is still there, then it's time to re-evaluate the root cause of your pain.  For years, doctors have used what is called Neural Prolotherapy or Perineural Injection Therapy as a way to treat neuropathic pain--pain associated with damaged nerves.  At Proactive Health we use Neural Prolotherapy to target nerves that have been damaged due to overuse, strains, sprains, surgery, injury, and previous trauma.   

Common conditions treated with neural prolotherapy:












What you can expect:

Our approach to inflammation and pain management encompasses treating the whole person to determine the best course of action to help you live a pain free life. By using Perineural/Neural Prolotherapy, IV therapy, and Nutrient Injection Therapies together with nutrition and the right supplements, we treat pain from multiple angles, so you can get back to doing what you love.  The goal of each treatment is to eliminate pain, with 80% of pain gone after the first neural prolotherapy treatment.  It takes 6-10 neural prolotherapy treatments to be completely pain free and recurrence of pain is very unlikely.  This is not a palliative treatment!


How to schedule an appointment:

We recommend our initial 30 minute complementary visit as a great way to start your journey to a pain free life.  At that time we can discuss what pain management techniques you have already tried and the direction we need to pursue.  We will also discuss based on your condition, how many treatments it will take, expectations, and use of therapies to expedite the healing process.  After the initial visit, most follow up treatments take 30-45 minutes and include evaluation and procedures.  


Billing and Insurance:

Proactive Health is an out-of-network provider and does not accept insurance directly.  All payment is due at time of service.  Be sure to check with your insurance company if your plan includes out-of-network providers.  You will be provided with a coded superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  The amount of reimbursement varies by insurance provider.  For other billing and insurance inquiries, please give us a call and we can further answer your questions. 

We accept HSA and FSA Cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) !

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