At Proactive Health we love to see our clients achieve optimal health.

Whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, unsure about your nutrition and digestive issues, or are having trouble finding balance, we can help. Our approach combines the best of traditional and conventional medicine to create a road map to better health and deliver the best service to meet your needs.

We specialize in pain management and nutrition, and also help our clients manage the daily stress of life. Our approach involves looking at the whole person, and not just the symptoms--ensuring the best care possible.  We also use a variety of tools to treat pain and digestive disorders--everything from nutrition to injectables. So, whether you are an athlete or a busy professional, we can help you feel and perform better.  

Some FAQs:

What can I expect after scheduling my first appointment?

After you schedule your first visit, you’ll be prompted to create personal account through our secure patient portal that will allow you to book future visits and review your visit history.  This will also allow us to provide you with online questionnaires that you can safely fill out and submit using a secure portal. 


What does the first visit, Intro to Wellness, include?

The first visit is 75 minutes and it is a great time to discuss goals, needs, and ambitions.  It is an opportunity to identify which areas need attention and treatment.  We have a variety of packages and services to sign up for during the first visit and the last 15 minutes can be used for treatment.


How many treatments and visits will it take to make me feel better?

Our treatments vary from 5 to 12 weeks depending on the extent of the problem, but because the way our packages are designed, clients normally begin to feel the difference after the first visit and progressively get better.


What kinds of injection therapies are used and what can I expect?

Most pain we experience is neuropathic and the purpose of neural prolotherapy is to target the nerves that are the culprits of pain.  The idea is to decrease inflammation and to help the neural tissue heal.  Other injection therapies include vitamin and mineral injectables that deliver the necessary nutrients to help combat stress, and improve energy production and metabolic rate.